Signs and pharmacy crosses

Modernise your signs!

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Enseigne pharmacieQualité, rapidité, visibilité


Discover our range of signs and pharmacy crosses and better the visibility of your pharmacy – quick and at low cost.

We offer you a big range of signs that fit your budget:

  • Luminous and not-luminous signs
  • Relief letters
  • Printed graphics
  • Your name/logo


With the purchase of one of our LED signs we guarantee:

  • 4 year warranty on LED´s and transformer
  • Energy efficiency
  • Homogenous illumination

The advantages of our signs made in our workshop in France in sheet metal and aluminum frame are :

• 10 years guarantee
• Suitable for all types of facing 
• Fast installation
• Aesthetic because no screw on facing

The service includes consulting, decision measure, study, project status, manufacturing, installing or dismantling over France.

Simple, fast and effective!